Stockholm Subway

Stockholm Subway
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The Stockholm Subway (Locally Tunnelbanan) is part of the Stockholm public transportation network and runs both above and below ground and is an easy, carefree and cheap way of transportation across Stockholm. Stockholm and particularly Stockholm City is also easily navigated by taxi or public transportation buses.

Layout and Stations
The Stockholm subway is composed of three major lines divided in seven different subroutes which are based on a station-to-station basis with either end being on the other side of Stockholm City. Out of the 100 stations that make out the Stockholm subway network about 25 of them are in the very heart of Stockholm offering you extreme accessibility for getting around. In total the network runs 110 km however each route is approximately 19 km with two being around 27 km running from end to end of their respective lines.

Finding the Stockholm Subway
The Stockholm subway is marked with a T for Tunnelbana on the outside of the subway stations, lit during the night. When on a subway station you can view the real-time arrival times of the next train and the two trains that follow it as well as their destinations on displays by the platforms making it hard to get lost. A map of the stations are available on the subway platforms and in the trains themselves and are extremely comprehensible. You can pick up a timetable of arrival and departure times in the bus, in one of the ticket booths or from one of their service centers in by the stations of T-centralen.

Connectivity with the Commuter Trains
The Stockholm subway is connected with the commuter trains and transitions between the two networks can be done at the T-Centralen subway station at the heart of the Stockholm subway system in the middle of Stockholm City. You can also switch at Sankt Eriksplan although you will have to walk a short distance outside to the Karlberg commuter train station. The commuter trains use the same tickets as the Stockholm subway but run on its own network, reaching other stations. A list of stations are available here, courtesy of SL.

Stockholm Subway Map
This map over Stockholm’s subway shows you all three major lines as well as the names of all the stations and where you can change between them. T-centralen gives you the ability to switch between all of them as the map clearly shows.


Journey Planner

With the journey planner you can select your start and end destination, either with stations or addresses. The journey planner automatically selects the best route or routes with both the Stockholm subway, the buses and the commuter trains.

Using the Stockholm Subway
The Stockholm subway system, including buses and the commuter train, are divided in to three different zones, A, B and C. When riding with the Stockholm Public Transportation network you will pay two units for traveling one zone, three for traveling two zones and four for traveling all three zones. The Stockholm subway runs only through the A zone so if you don’t plan on switching to a bus outside Stockholm City or the commuter train your journey will only cost two tickets. The tickets are called Zone tickets while Travel cards and the Seasonal and Annual travel cards will allow you free travel in any number of zones. When one ticket is used, it is active and usable for travel for the next hour. Further information about the different tickets and cards and their pricing for usage with the Stockholm subway and other means of public transportation will be explained below:

Zone Tickets
Cast tickets are bought in the ticket booth while you enter the subway station while pre-paid tickets are bought in shops. The best option for pre-paid tickets are shops called “Pressbyrån” which are found at most subway station terminals. If you go there first and buy a ticket instead of buying it off the person who stamps the ticket, you’ll save money. The tickets are active from when they are stamped and an hour forward.

Zone Tickets
Pre-paid tickets are bought at Pressbyrån.

  • Cash ticket, per unit 20 SEK, reduced price* 12 SEK
  • Pre-paid ticket, per unit 15 SEK, reduced price* 9 SEK
  • Vending machine ticket**, 1 zone 30 SEK, reduced price* 18 SEK

These cards offer free travel during their active periods of all public transportation in Stockholm County. They are active from the moment they are bought until the specified time has passed.

  • 1 Day/24 Hour card, 100 SEK, reduced price* 60 SEK
  • 30 Day Card, 690 SEK, reduced price* 420 SEK

For further ticket and travelcard options and information including explanation of the stars*, please go here.

Behavior Code and Rules
You may not bring bicycles onboard the train. Exceptions may be made during off-peak periods in traffic. There is no extra charge for bringing pets when riding the Stockholm subway but you must have them restricted in a leash or locked in a cage. Some areas are marked as pet-free, make sure to take this in consideration and remember that someone can be allergic. Guide dogs are permitted. You may take any luggage you can easily carry with you and there is no particular weight limit, however bulky items such as furniture or removal boxes are not permitted as well as objects over two meters in length. When you are getting on the train you should keep in mind that it is customary to let people get off first to ensure that the traffic flows smoothly.

History and Development of the Stockholm Subway
The Stockholm subway was designed to overlay many already existing tram lines which were at the time of construction doing a lot of the people transportation. As Stockholm was, and still is, a growing city the capacity of the trolleys and buses were getting swamped and a subway was the way to move forward. In 1950 the first line of the Stockholm subway was complete and in 1951 the subway branched from one end of the city to the other. The latest addition to the Stockholm subway was made in 1975 when the Kungsträdgården-Hjulsta route was completed and opened to the public.

The official website for the Stockholm subway is available here.

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